Use one of your first purchased stamps

How weird I have already posted this, when I come back it's gone,....Mmm too spookilious for me!!!!

Anyhow NORTY CAZ, and yes I am shouting, Talk about get yer own back.... Caz has challenged me to make card using one of yer first purchases of stamps... Ewwww I really struggled with this one, and nearly threw it out the window.... But hey you can't likie all the cards you make can ya!!!

So here it is.....

Stamps used: Rose.... stamparosa inc
Text .. Rubber stamp craft
paper by paper adventures...


  1. This is a lovely classy Kim and i love the colours you have chosen however,I would never have guessed you had made this card as it is so different to your usual cards you make. That ribbon is lovely and really compliments the card.Well done on your challenge kim, keep em coming lass.

  2. Beautiful and elegant! Great challenge

  3. wow very stylish well done, tough challenge!

    Nice stamp really considering it's on of your first crafty buys... mine were too shocking to keep in the collection!!

  4. Kerrie I know what you mean got rid of loads but for some reason couldn't part with this one!!! lol



My gorgeous Stamford

My gorgeous Stamford
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