There is a mega Craftworkcards sale on at the ST JOHNS AMBULANCE HALL in Horley Surrey, the full address is St Johns Ambulance Hall, Town centre car park, Massetts Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 7DE....

It's a definate must mega bargains to be had all card packs £1.00 cor, one quid now you can't beat that can ya..... Embellishments from 50p WOW!!!! I shall be there...

Also the very talented Julie Hickey will be there so go along and meet her, and stock up some bargains too boot....

Opps forgot to say it's starts at 10 am and finishes at 2.30pm, but begsy I am first in

ANOTHER OOPPSSSS It's this Saturday, the Thanx Sue for letting me know, I suppose I must have been getting excited about the


  1. Don't forget your shopping trolley

    Too far for me to travel though, but hope you enjoy and get plenty of bargains.You don't say when it is though, if it 's this week will you get us some pretty ribbon please kim, will settle up with you this week.

    yamsi sue

  2. ROFL... How did I miss that one...

    Sue your wish is my

  3. Ooooh thanks kimmie




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My gorgeous Stamford
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