Blog Candy!!!!

Oh wow, Sue has just nudged me that I have gone over the 5000 mark, Wow it amazes me that my blog has had that many hits, I said when I reached The 5 grand mark I would be giving blog candy, Well am soooo sorry that I missed it, so heres the deal I shall wait until 10,000 (wow) and I shall be giving away a magnolia stamp Hmmmmm could I bear to part with one of those, Well the answer is yes coz I have two of the same Silly me lurves em so much I am blind to what designs I have bought!!!

I shall be asking peeps to make a card for this Blog Candy and it will be open to international as well!!!


  1. Well Done Kimmie me ol' mate
    Your cards are stunning and chatter funny so why are you wondering why we all luv ya!


  2. It shouldn't amaze you kim that you have had all these hits, people just love your blog, especially me, your cards are fabulous and give us all such inspiraation and your humour well, you certainly make us

    Not far to go to 10 thousand hits kim, carry on blogging darl :)

  3. Congrats Kim!! Ya do make me laugh lol!! Ya cards are great too - luv seeing all ya creations! looking forward to the card making challenge for blog candy time!!!!! x

  4. Your cards are faboulos!!!
    Compliment for your blog!!!



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My gorgeous Stamford
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