Hi Every one...

Sorry haven't been blogging, Just like to say thanks for all ya best wisheds for me Nan, what an awful thing she had to go through, she did well, and now we just have to wait for results, I shall keep ya updated, but Thanks again...


  1. Glad your Nans fine Kim...was gettin a little bit worried..only been bloggin 3 week & started to miss you!!!
    Oh am I seriously addicted? only joking.
    Can you not tell me & I promise not to tell anyone...lol
    I`m exited now...

  2. Good luck for Nanna's results Kim, hope all turns out well.Hugs for nanna.((((Nanna))))) oh and you too(((((Kim))))) :)



My gorgeous Stamford

My gorgeous Stamford
Wheres me dinner Mum!!