Been a bad card blogger!!!

Good morning blogland......

I haven't been soooo good at the carding lately have I norty me!!!! I need to get started on me challenges I am letting the papertake team down really, so today after seeing to me Nan, I shall get started on the shop til ya drop challenge albeit a bit late and get in front for next weeks challenge..... hopefully get them uploaded this evening....

Mind you were hoping this year to shop til I dropped since I had some free time on me hands... Am I alone in the thinking that there is not much in the way of bargains to be had, I got better in the summer sales..... very disappointing to say the least!!!!

All I got was a jumper dress from monsoon and don't larf now!!! two cartons of drinking chocolate from wittards only gone half price coz they has christmas packaging if ya please... I went ta bluewater and it were like a quiet friday afternoon there, where did all the peeps go, must have gone up town!!!

sees ya all later me hopes....


  1. Look forward to seeing your bcreations soon kim.

    hope you're feeling better soon, big hugs to ya darl(((((Kimmie)))))

  2. Absolute rubbish in the sales! All I got was two boxes of xmas crackers which were half price - one box for New Year's Day (the kids love 'em!) and the other box for when Tony comes home and we have our Christmas Dinner - whenever that might be!!

  3. Hi Kimmie,
    Sounds like youv`e had a great time at the shops!!!!
    I love shops!!!
    Thanks for the best wishes,
    "Happy New Year"xxx:)Have a great time:)

  4. Happy New Year Kim... Thought about going to bluewater but remember how suicidal it was last year!!! I jsut hate shopping!!! At least I'm glad to hear I'm not missing out on much!


    Isa x

  5. Hi Kim ,Hope nana is doing ok xxxx
    well the sale are a propper let down , i did not get much eather ,
    you never let the team down please dont say that ,
    take care have a Happy new year ,Dawnxxxx



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My gorgeous Stamford
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