Ohhhh I forgot!!!!

To tell ya that I have been featured over at the Queen Kat's bloggers club, please go take a looky, it's fabulous seeing everyones creations.... The link is over on my blog roll......


  1. "Well Done "Kimie...I left a comment ova there for ya hun:)x
    Hey bet you glad you took your hand to scrappin and cardmaking....
    Mind ya have ya cut hair before?that creative aswell...lol:)Enjoy the rest of your Dayx

  2. I` did think when I saw a different name..and I did think you had a hidden secret with LO`s.....but thought well she could of got married and not annouced it!!!lol oh well the other Kim will wonda who I am now...rofl...
    Wheres your cards at then?Oh how stupid am I it does say...2006...big apologies for that1!!!can ya forgive me...please.i`m away to have another look...
    I always one for puttin me foot in it!!!lol:)
    well it giv us a giggle anyhows!!!!!:)

  3. Ere Terrie thats not me....rofl.... spitting me tea everywhere...lol

    never cut cut hair in me life!!!

  4. oh Terrie you have really made me belly laugh tonight, i thought it were only me that did things like that.lol
    It was funny cos when i first saw it i thought... i don't recognise any of these,they don't look like kimmies.lol:-)
    BTW Terrie,i am pleased you make are kimmie spit tea all over her monitor too, i usually get the blame for that one.lol
    Great cards though kim:-)

  5. Oh crickie...shalll I just give up for tonight...I read your post and now I`m spitting me tea all ova!!!!lol
    "Have a lovely Evening"to ya:)x

  6. You could of cut hair in your younger days anyhows!!!!
    I`m such a ....
    Should I give up now!!!!!rofl....
    I`m going now .....too hide.....

    Off to check it out.... :)

  8. Why Thankyou Yamsi...thanks for my comments on my blog also...much appreciated!!!:)
    Anyhows I never could give up on a good thing....Yaaaah I found ya!!!at last...just under the other Kim...
    You wanted to be rich you said ....
    Tell ya what kim if you got paid as much as the footballers do!!!at what we are good at......You would be worth MILLIONS!!!with your creations...anyhows I didnt think you would take a piccie with ya tongue out....lol
    Anyhows I`m countin the days sooo I can toot for your cards in the mag...Now I`ll leave you in peace for a few days before I visit againn..I promise!!!lol
    Nite nite:)x

  9. Well done Kim, just been over and had a look. Glad you mentioned it because I'm due on there 28 March and had forgotten all about it...had to look up the e-mail to check the date!!

  10. Well done Kimmi (queen ) thats brilliant ,glad to hear Terri is as blonde as ever LOLxxxx

  11. Congrats!!!

    BTW...here is the link to our SBS12 Members Only Message Board. Hope to see you soon. =)


  12. Well done Kim, just been across and checked it out!
    xx :0)

  13. I went there and I couldn't see you on there. I must not have looked too hard. Will look again.

  14. Congratulations Kim, that brilliant!!

    LMAO off at Terrie :D

    Liz xxx

  15. Congratulations Kim!

    I have given you an award. OPlease visit my blog for details!




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My gorgeous Stamford
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