Please forgive me

It's been nearly a week since my last blog session... (oh!! sounds like a confession going on !!) sorry about that,

well much to tell got me commission done and off only to another two and again not much notice but hey I must work well under pressure!!! Thought with Paul going to greece for the footie on monday I might just get two days to meself, (yeah right)
well these ones are rather top secret, mmmmm don;t ask!! this blog will self destruct in 10 seconds... lol

Just call me miss blogga penny from now on....

All will be revealed I am sure very soon....... will be worth the wait...

On another note happy mail this morning, but please don't chuck ya bins at me, I have only gone and got 3rd place in the sizzix category comp in cardmaking and papercraft , am mega pleased since I dodn't have as much time as I thought and couldn't make the card I wanted so just pulled one from me sample box, and it's only gone and won me £50 worth of sizzix products yipppeee!!!!!!

I'd like to promise that I won't enter anymore comps, but i just sooo love the challenge to think outside me box, I am getting oi!!! whose bin was that...

I did enter a couple of categories and ain't heard nowt about them so I suppose it's safe enough to show ya all later what I sent in..... whilst I enjoyed making them all I did eally concerntrate on the big one, and am glad I did coz I won it... so anything else 3rd or not is one real bonus I am more than happy to receive...


  1. My bin is still here - in its place!! Many congrats to you Kim, you are one clever, talented lady. Your creations are super-doper!! xx

  2. Brilliant Kim - you really deserve it, your cards are lovely (my bin is also still in its place).

  3. Well Kimmie you go girl.....I`m sooo delighted for you darlin...mmmm No rest for the wicked!!!lol as they say rofl...
    Must be makin you another "Congrats" card deserve every bit Enjoy it:)(((hugs))):)xxx

    I can see from your work that you SO deserve it! :)

  5. Congratulations Kim. Can't wait to see them!!!

    Bin's too heavy to throw across the channel!!!


  6. Well Done Kim!! I was wondering what happened to the comp. I won the Makins Clay category last year (and was also a runner up in same category) and they didnt have it this year so I entered the HOTP and medallion ones instead.

    The prizes are usually great so look forward to getting them!

    SBS12 sister

  7. O M G way to go kimmi ,huge congrats,
    huge well done Again LOLxxx
    i am throwing my wheeli bin LOL LOLxxxx

  8. Woo-hoo, fantastic news Kim! Nooooo, don't stop entering your fab cards into comps :)

    By the way, did ya know we're sisters now? :D

    Liz x

  9. Well done Kim! Won't throw my bin at you but there is a skip up the road...can I use that?!!!!

  10. congrats Kim, you are truely talented and they can see that!

    You are a tease though, I'll throw my bin at your for that bit!!


  11. Congratulations Kim! Your cards are stunning so no surprise there!!! Can't wait to see them.

    Enjoy your sunday

    Hugs xxx

  12. PS. I've awarded you the "You Make My Day" award Kim, details on my blog :)

    Liz x

  13. LOL BIG time at you lot, you make me giggle everyone single one of ya, I luvs ya all to bits,

    A skip and a wheelie bin , oopsss better not enter

    Awwwww Sisters Liz, Ohhhee better get over to yours for the awards ta muchly....

    Amassive hello to me sbs12 sisters ccooooooeeeee!!!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS to my favourite Miss blogga Penny:-)

    I am very proud of you darl and you deserve your prizes as your cards are fabulous. Anybody who is miffed about your wins are just jealous cos they can't create like you do, however,i will add that everyone who visits your blog and leaves all these lovely comments on your blog know that you deserve it and we are all very happy for you.Keep on winning darling, you're such an inspiration to us all :-)
    love and hugs to ya



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My gorgeous Stamford
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