Well pooped!!!

I am, I feel a little better within meself, but only slightly, never felt soooo rough for soo long in a lonnnnngtime!!!

I have been Dr's, came away with more antibiotics and the knowledge of a worn cartlidge in me right knee and antinflamatories???? oh who cares about the spelling, certainly not me....

Anyways me knee is swollen and hurts like mad, pushing Paul in wheelchair apparently hasn't helped, nor the flaming 100 times a day stair hopping either me silently thought coz Paul was in the doc's room with me, coz he had to be seen as well..... Poor sod though he had a stye on his eye but it turns out as a cyst.... and what with his daily meds for the Stroke, when I went to get the prescriptions made up, the new guy in the chemist glared at me, and said Hummmmm this lots going to take 25 minutes if not more it's late you know I don't want to make mistakes... ere bleeding 7.30 it was lazy sod.... so I got a bit shirty and said just give me the small ones and the large prescription I shall come back tommorrow if it's too much trouble, they make me laugh they only do half day each in that chemist, wanna have my job as a carer 24/7 stooopid man!!!! I then stomped off and got a paper and he were calling me I jsut ignored him till I had what i wanted, when I went back he had the lot done all in 10 mins, I mean what was that all about, frippin lazyness thats what it were I were the only one in there if ya please....

Oh gawd sorry for boring ya's to death, not sure why I told ya al that...lol but I have now....

Anyhows, if ya still reading and not fallen off ya chair with boredom, lol My commissions have gone off today, my first one will be published and on sale on the
7th March, yahhhoooooooo.... and the second one, rather pleased with done them all yesterday all 7 of them.... they will be published the following month not sure what day but normally the mag is out around 10th or each month give or take a few days... Just gotta do the instructions and 700 words, yuk not looking forward to that... but it must be done by end of day tommorrow....

I am gonna relax and try to do some challenges now, I love faffing about in me craft room.....

The current issue of SC&PC issue 42 has a double page spread on Terrie Bailey,so I suggest you go and buy a copy if ya can...... you can see Terries fabby work here

anyhways I shall bid goodday for now toodlelooooo......


  1. Oh Kim your tales are anything but boring, I normally fall off my chair in laughter!! Glad you are on the mend and look forward to buying my copy of the magazine and seeing your fabby creations. x

  2. Hi Kim
    Sorry to hear your trials and tribulations ... I swolled me dictionary lol ... and it anything but boring what is life if not to test us ... at least you keep smiling through it all ... just look after yourself

  3. Sorry you're feeling so rotten Kim! remember if you need a chat you know where I am!!! :)


  4. Aw Kim you need to sit down and have a BIG glass of wine.Glad you're feeling a bit better now too.
    congrats on your mag work. Hope you put the cards up on your blog as I can't get the mag, look forward to seeing them.
    Take care!!

  5. ckKim, your posts are always great to read and enjoyable,your cards are always fabby and you're a wonderful,kind & funny lady.If you want to have a grumble lass, you go ahead and grumble, you know i'm always here for ya.Biggest hugs to you


  6. Aw Kimmie you are an absolute doll...thanks for putting me little name and link on there ...you certainly crack me up anyway....I keep chuckling away after reading your posts...love ya baby...(well not literally),....and I cant wait for your cards in the next issue I`ll e tooting from the rooftops for you !!!!!!!You go girl....Take Care:)xxx

  7. Hope all is better soon - and hope you got your write up done! :)

    jo xx



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My gorgeous Stamford
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