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I was surprised to be in WHSmith this week to see me in another card magazine, Oh I were chuffed to bits....

The magazine is The Complete cardmaking handbook issue 2, and is exclusive to WHSmith's and whilst a tad expensive at £7.99 it is crammed to the rafters with cards, 156 of em to be precise... no dreaded adverts either which for me makes this kinda mag good buy.... it comes out I think twice a year.... I think its not an every month mag I know that...

I have eight cards published in there along with the talented Jo Kill who has done some gorgeous designs too....

The photographer has made me cards look stunning.... espesh me Bella one... And me triple embossing chipboard one....

I am just finishing a commission that will be going in the Papercrafts essentials issue 30 magazine.... And have been asked to design some more cards for the Craftworkcards recipe cards series, I have some fab designs in mind, some being humourous... this again is a very good buy, no adverts at all, several designers contributing, so loads of stunning designs involved.... This costs £25.00 for a 6 month subscription you get the following:

Every month 12 Recipe Cards with 36 different card making ideas will be delivered to your door, covering four different card making occasions, created for you by the UK's leading card designers. Julie Hickey is our resident artist and each month we will feature guest artists, ensuring you get a wide variety of card making styles.

36 card designs and all for the price of a monthly magazine , you get gorgeous pink binder to store them all in..... I myself subscribe and look forward to them dropping on my mat every month...

I am hoping to join in the blog card challenges this week too, so I shall have something to show ya all...


  1. Well done kimmie, i saw this mag yesterday in there and thought about buying it but then i looked at the price...oh F**G well you knows what i said kimmie,so i promptly placed it back on the shelf chundering to now i wish i had bought it ah well i might be going back there again tomorrow so will get more cash from


  2. Ooh well done Kim!! :D I saw this mag the other day and well, I did the same as Sue. I don't know what chundering means but I'm sure I did that too LOL!

    Liz x

  3. I think it might mean cursing to ones self Liz..... rofl....

    but it is worth it, all cards it is no adverts ...

  4. Wow, well done you - I like everyone so far has seen this mag & very nearly bought it, but put it back as quite expensive.

    I promise if I get the job I went for last week, I'll go back into Smiths & buy it (it did look brilliant)

  5. Way to go Kimmie...your sooo fabitastic ...hope you are well;)xxx

  6. Hi Qeenie xxx just had to tell you i picked up a copy on sunday of the magazine and your cards are fabulous i love them ,really brilliant work as always xxxxx
    paper carryier LOLxxxDawnxx

  7. Wow that's fab Kim! well done! I have tagged you by the way, sorry chuck!X

  8. Congratulations on the commissions Kim.
    Have you seen the post on the Sugar Nellie blog looks like you have some goodies on the way, well done you!!

  9. Have a great weekend Kimmie:)x

  10. So awesome, cripes I have only been here once, but I will be back to stalk. A bit like a dream really, a mag without ads. No wonder it's a bit expensive, that's like about $25 our money, geez, well worth it though I am sure.



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