Just a little note re my blog header!!!

I have had several emails asking if Annapurna had made my blog header, No I made this myself, using stamps and watercolour pencils stamping directly onto an A4 sheet of cardstock, Then I uploaded it to my blog header, and failed somewhat miserabley,
and thats where my good friend Annapurna came in, she is very talented in all things computer (I most cdertainly ain't..lol) she kindley RESIZED the photo for me to add to me blog header without taking up half the page like I was....

Anna has post some very good tips on HTML's they are very informative ands easy to follow take a look HERE especially on how to link your cards to challenge blogs, do take a look it's very helpful indeedy...


  1. Hi Kim I Agree with you Anna is a wizz on the computer.

    I will have to update my top with some of my stamp image designs me thinks.

    I would also value your opinion on them.

    Take care


  2. Thanks for the clarification Kim!
    I got at least one compliment on your blog header and clarified to them via email, that I didn't make it, but simply rearranged and resized it.

  3. Your blog header is fabulous Kim - brilliantly designed. :) :) What a fabby friend Anna is to resize and sort it for you - it looks amazing - well done to you both. :) :)


  4. You did a beautiful job with your blog header design. Love it.

    Blogger is a pain sometimes with their code. Kudos to both of you!

  5. Your header is absolutely fabulous...you go girl!

  6. Wow. Nice new layout. I like it .

    Kim, I've got some blog candy on my site at the moment. Do you want some?



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My gorgeous Stamford
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