Yipppeeeee!!!!!!!! Elzybells madness.......edited list of DT members

Well have ya guessed or have ya been on Elzybells Blog....

I have made the first Design Team, and am very pleased to see that my good friends and fellow papertake weekly designers Dawn Wheeler and Stephanie Mayne have made it too.... well done girls !!! Yippeeee isn't it great....

Well I have had a fabulous year craft wise and one I shall never ever forget and will be truly humbled by it for the rest of me life........

I always thought that my cards were a little too simple, I am not an in yer face girl when it comes to creating, I'm not sure what ya call my style, I call it plain and simple!!! I always feel that less is more, I always worry if it's good enough and I never sit on me laurels, there are many crafters I truly admire, and always wished I were as good as them and now I have achieved my ultimate goal in crafting and thats to see me creations in print,I am sooo glad that I entered the competition now, I divered for so many years to do so and glad that I took the plunge, I am not one for badgering peeps or punting me creations, I get a little embarrassed by it all, I did it once and was flatly refused in not a nice way either and that kinda put me off, oh I knew she like my stuff she couldn't take her eyes of them, but perhaps I wasn't for her... but nevertheless her lack of tact hurt me very much and I swore to myself I shall never go down that road again.... and through this competition well it has opened up worlds I only dreamed of, it bought the people to me, and I can't explain the feeling of that, it's too overwhelming....

Elzybells was the first card comp I had ever won , and what a feeling too, to see my card on the net, and to win some super duper stamps to boot, well it made my day in more ways than one... and now to have been picked for the design team has topped my year off completely, those that know me personally will know of the struggle i have had for the past six years, how I have got through them sanely I will never know, but I will say crafting has helped me in the biggest way possible, from creating right through to the good friends ya meet....


Full list of design team memebers

Alex Eaton, UK
Angel Rivera, USA
Beverly Rousch, USA
Charlene Austin, Canada
Dawn wheeler, UK
Deborah Southard, USA
Eva Costigan, USA
Frances Byrne, Australia
Inge Groot, The Netherlands
Jeanne Streiff, USA
Katie Stilwater, USA
Kim Fee, UK
Kitty Frampton, UK
Maria Adams, UK
Michelle Short, UK
Michelle Woerner, USA
Pam Fraser, UK
Paula Williamson, USA
Rachel Hope Baird, USA
Shannan Teubner, USA
Stephanie Mayne, UK
Tobi Crawford, Canada


  1. BIG congratulations to you my darling friend,this is very much desrved.I for one know how hard you work and I and many many others love your style of cards they are all stunning.Sending you the biggest hugs for your next crafting year with Elzybells:-)


  2. HUGE congrats Kimmie! So glad to see you on the team! x

  3. That's fab news Kim, Well Done, you deserve it!!! Lap it up!!
    Hugs, Justine x x

  4. Congrats Kim! Looking forward to working with you on the DT, and getting to know you.
    Maria xx

  5. Woo hoo, well done Kim, I am sooo pleased for you. As you may know I just love my Elzybells stamps and I'm so looking forward to your creations (and the others girlies too!). Have fun, big ((hugs)) to you! xx

  6. Huge cograts babe xxxx
    so glad we are all going to work togeather ,Dawnxxxx
    hows the toe lolxxx

  7. Massive congratulations Kim. You've had a fab year!! Looking forward to seeing your work.

  8. Yippee!!! Congratulations Kimmie.
    A few rejections, a lot of hugs, that is life. Don't let the little things bother you.


  9. well done hunni
    Feeling happy for you, sad for me, I never get picked, think I will give up pretending :(


  10. Congratulations Kim, looking forward to seeing your wonderful designs!!


  11. "Well Done" Kimmie...you sooo deserve this..you rock ....
    I wish all you wish for yourself!!way to go!!!:)X
    Have a lovely Evening hope the toes better soonie!!:)xx

  12. "Well Done" Kimmie...you sooo deserve this..you rock ....
    I wish all you wish for yourself!!way to go!!!:)X
    Have a lovely Evening hope the toes better soonie!!:)xx

  13. Congrats Kim, we are all going to have so much fun with Elizabeths gorgeous designs


    Alex xx

  14. Congrats on making the DT!! I can't wait to get to know my fellow teammates across the pond! Hugs, michelle

  15. Congratulations Kim, this is wonderful news!!

  16. Hi again Kim!! Your cards are far from plain and simple. They are fresh and wonderful. I completely am thrilled to be part of this DT with you and to get to know you. It going to be wonderful to call you my friend...I just know it!

  17. Fantastic news Kim - you so deserve it. Things happen in life which rock you to the core but if you can redirect all the negative bits to something positive you can only win. You have and you did! Well done Kim I'm so happy for you. See you Saturday Junex

  18. Congratualtions Kim...very well deserved!

  19. Big congrats on your DT news.
    Fantastic achievement. Hope that your toe isn't throbbing too much!
    Hugs rach.xx

  20. Huge Congratulations Kim, you must be so very pleased and proud to have been chosen from a huge amount of entrants. :) :)


  21. Oh congratulations Kim, that's excellent news!!! Sending you huge hugs :D

    Liz x

  22. Woooooo Hoooooooo

    *Treacle does happy dance for Kim*

    Well done mate you truely deserve this. Your cards are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see some of your fabby creations.

    See you Saturday


  23. FaNtAsTiC NeWs!!!!! That's great Kim. I can't wait to see your designs
    Big hugs
    Sandra x x

  24. Congrats Kim!! You so deserve it!!

    BTW~SBS12 is moving to a yahoo group.
    Click to join sbs12sistahs

  25. Congratulations and good luck Kim :) not that you'll need it, your cards are always brill :) Donna x

  26. Well done Kim!!! You really deserve it. I look forward to seeing your new creations.
    xx :0)

  27. I have just left you a new fabby award darl,go check out me blog:-)


  28. congrats, girl! and i look forward to working with you!!

  29. Congratulations Kim, I love your cards and I am looking forward to working with you on the Elzybells DT! YAY! :0) x



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