My thoughts out loud part 2

Thankyou all for your comments , interesting I thought, and whilst I did state, my thoughts were on techniques not card designs, some people commented on credit...

So where credits due, I shall give my credits on decoupage and watercolouring as those are the techniques I talked about in my thoughts!!

Watercolouring, I learnt this at school I went to Bacon's school in Bermondsey, I can't remember Teachers name, but do the Head Master Mr Ing, so I credit Mr Ing and his art staff for teaching me this, although I could really say it were me Mum and Nan.... so big credits to them too....

But I would also like to credit my friend The Fabulous Stampingcaz, coz she inspired me very much in the colouring techniques, and to my good friend Shirley for making me get into stamping in the first place , coz dare I say it, I hated it at first...

Now we go onto Decoupage,a couple of credits here, and my main credit for teaching me decoupage goes to Judy from crescent quilling, and again to my mum and nan!! yes i started at an early age... and to Gaynor for inspiring me to see another side to some stamps even though I had done this technique several times before.....

But I will say whilst giving credit where credit is due, I make my own card designs all you see on my blog are my designs if i lift designs like we all do none of us can say we don't we would be lying to ourselves, even though techniques are antiques in their age!!! So CREDIT TO ME TOO!!

I may lift cards designs for my own use, I DON'T lift card designs and teach them in store workshops!!! And whatever I do teach in workshops those crafters paid for those ideas, so they are no more bound by copyright than than my left foot!!!


  1. If I didn't take a design and use it as inspiration then i'd be stuffed

    So thank you to you Kim for inspiring me in my creations (even if there aren't many of them lately) and whilst were on the subject of lifting do ya mind if I totally lift that card you made at CUL at the weekend cos I love it so much I wanna send it to me friend for her bday lol I will credit ya i'll even take a piccie when i've made it just to show ya.

    Just hope the papers come back in in time lol


  2. Kim, I couldn't agree more, but that has happened for years and it is just down to the person who takes credit for a technique which is not her invention.
    At the end, I always think that we have to worry more about what and how we do things in honesty and let crappy people be crappy!



My gorgeous Stamford

My gorgeous Stamford
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