My thoughts out loud!!!!!

I am thinking out loud about something I have been pondering over, and my question in my thoughts is CAN YOU COPYRIGHT A TECHNIQUE???, Such as, lets say for arguments sake Decoupage technique,be it cutting out photo picture or stamped images.

Now my thoughts are you can no more copyright decoupage techniques in this century any more than you can copyright watercolouring techniques, well not unless you are well more than a 100 years old and it were you who thought it up in the first place or been left that copyrighted technique to you in the orignators will.

A design well that's different, a card or layout that you personally thought up, I can understand that, but my thoughts and they are just my thoughts you can not take ownership of a technique especially if someonelse showed you how to do it in the first place!!!!!

Now I am not talking about credits to people I am talking about taking ownership!!!

What say you, I would like to hear your thoughts!!! Mmmmm or have I just set a big fat hungry cat amoungst the pidgeons!!!


  1. Hi Kim
    I am with you I don't think you can copyright a technique. As long as everybody just says ooh so and so showed me, or I saw this ...after all credit where credit is due.


  2. No, you can't copyright a "technique" - I mean you'd only have to do something slightly different (hold the pencil in your left hand rather than your right) and it's not identical is it? I know there is a website you can have copyright explained - google it and you'll find it!


    p.s. be careful about thoughts "out loud" - I daren't have mine printed.... ha ha!

  3. I totally agree I don't think you can copyright a technique. Designs, yes but a technique that is shown to others and maybe taught to others can't be surely (all this legal stuff confuses me thats why i'm not the solicitor in the family lol). If you show someone how to do something then yeah you should credit that person.

    I found this. Not sure if it will help at all

    Ooo and i just found this

    Right i'm off to search the www for more info :o)

    Hopefully someone with copyrighting knowledge will beable to help :o)

  4. this internet world, it seems like if you put something out there, it is their property now, unless the police come and find them :-)
    Sometimes people overlook simple things. You can bring it to their attn and see if they will be nice about it. If not, then what?

    just recently a lady copied my card images and started putting them on her blog, sometimes without a direct link back to mine. She is sweet and all telling people how cute my cards are, but still, hello...

  5. Kim - if you were a blonde I would say you are having a blonde moment !! .... Big Hugs Chris xxx

  6. Well Kim, I am with you on this one and you can certainly cannot copyright a technique. If that was the case, I would be totally stuffed!!!!!

    Hugs Wendy xxx

  7. Wow Queenie ,has one got something magical for us ,Dawnxxx

  8. Oh er misses
    The whole country must be breaking the copyright law then? And why then are there classes taught on all these techniques.....
    You know what I think .............................................................................

    Sarah xx

  9. No I dont believe you can... someone upset our fav little fairy?


  10. Hi Kim, cute question! :)

    Techniques aren't copyrighted, but the result created by that technique holding its own unique properties and not a direct duplicate of another artistic property can be.

    *Big Hugs*

    Elisabeth xx

  11. I can't imagine you can copyright a technique... we'd have to think new ones up every time we design a project. Cor... the mind boggles. Hope no one has upset you Kim.
    Sandra xx

  12. Can't see how technique can be copyrighted but downright copying of technique and resulting card would be a breach i suppose

  13. I wish it was possible! Many people take credit for someone else's idea/technique, but I think thatit is important for us demonstrators and tutors to credit who ever taught/invented the technique if known. It's not like we are making money from it!



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