Christmas and new year greetings to all!!!

Well Christmas is over and the new year is comming, I do hope you all had a great christmas sorry I didn't get on to wish you all a happy one before now, But I wish you a very good new year, i would like to say thanks to all my visitors especially those who take the time to comment on my creations, I appreciated every single comment you have left me, and feel honoured that you return time and again...

I have pressie wise a fabulous crimbo, so thanks to all my crafty friends you know who you are you fabulous peeps you!!, Luv ya forever....

One of my pressies from a set of crafty friends was Bluewater vouchers and loads of them thankyou muchly ladies, I bought a Magimix Nespresso coffee machine in John Lewis I went to get a Dolce Gutso but was taken with the latte machine, ohhhh it were wonderful watching the lady demo it, and I thought thats the one for me put some money towards the vouchers and yay!!! Latte machine, quick get me home!!!... oh!!!! Can I use it properly, all I keep getting is water out of the steam Tube, I want to make frothy creamy milk for my latte and keep getting watered down milk,

SO has anyone got this machine, can you help me, as I am running out fast of me pods, and you can only get them at Selfridges and Harrods, trust me to be all granduer!!! Well you can get them online too!! lol The lovely lady shoved a fair few in me bag, to try as well as the lot you get with it, I think she must have known I were gonna have probs, I have that kinda face don't I...
Me's thinking I should have stuck to the original plan of Gutso...

Gonna sit down now with me watery Latte and make some cards, I have been itching toget into me craft room all crimbo.... sees ya later ....


  1. Happy new year Kim, Hugs Pops x x x

  2. sorry canny help you, I love the smell of coffee but can't drink it at all.
    Hope you figure it out soon !!

    I have only just got back into my craft room yesterday for two cards and today for some tags cards.

    lots of Love
    Tina xx

  3. aww Kim I hope you get the hang of your new coffee maker soon hun, I still haven't had any time to make a card and it's driving me mad hugs Jill x

  4. Wasn't Santa good to you - you must have been a very good girl!!!!

    I've got a Magimix food processor - I've had it for years - and it is just the best. They are awesome machines and if the coffee makers are as good, you will soon be sorted.

    Try here -

    Not sure if it will help chick, but it might be a start unless there is a bloglie that has one that can help you better.

    Thanks for your nice message xxx The whole thing was a total bummer I can tell ya, and just unbelievable. Big hugs xxxxx

  5. Glad you had a fab time Kim and some yummy pressies too! xx

  6. Hi Kim, im so pleased santa was good to you this year, you must have been a very good girl!! the coffee machine sounds fabulous, hope you work out how to use it properly. Its always a pleasure to stop by your blog and see your wonderful creations. Have a good day, and see you again in 2009.! hugs Linda x

  7. Hi Dear some great cards on here since I last visited so sorry I have been such a naughty blogger, will be better this year promise. Well all I can say to you is I have a Gusto and I love it and it is EASY!!!!! he! he!, the grandkids call it my Coffee Dog, they think it looks like a doggy face. Now you just had to be a poser didn't you, so I have no sympathy for you!!! psml.
    Have a wonderful 2009 dear
    Loads of Hugs Mummy fairyxxxx



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My gorgeous Stamford
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