Yorkshire puddings...

I wanted to share this with you, I want to make some yorkishire puds to go with me reoast beef today, I can't find me recipe book that i normally use so thought I would go on you tube, and Awwww look what I came across, How lovely is this.... Somebody's Nanny and she does it soooo well...
HERE is the link...

It's a you tube but i don't know how to link them on here, so any advise would be gratefully received...


  1. Gotta love your Yorkshires Puds!! Even in a hot Australian summer ;)

  2. I always buy Aunt Bessie's Kim lol! :) Donna x

  3. oh I have no idea how you do the link.
    I also have a hubby who makes the best yorkshire puddings!!
    He says you need to leave the batter to sit to make them scrummy!!

    love Teen xx

  4. Hiya hunni, I've been browsing through blogs, yours is lovely your crafty things are lovely, i was wondering if you'd like to become a DT member for Carlzcardz, details are on my blog xxx



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My gorgeous Stamford
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