Hello all

I am going to remove my followers gadet , as a fair few poeple can not access my blog, I wondered why my stats were plumetting!! Apparaently blogger is trying to fix this and have suggeseted that we move our gadet further down the page and if this is not working delete altogether...

So I wanted to pre warn people that I am going to do this incase anyone wanted to bookmark my blog, or was just waiting on an update and were not visiting as they thought I weren't updating....

I am also having a few problems, the screen freezes every few minutes and is driving me bonkers, I am contemplating going with typepad and have set one up but not had time to do anything on there!!


  1. what are you using to access the blog??

    I was using internet explorer, and was told to upgrade to IE8.. total nightmare!

    I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and have had absolutely no problems since.

    I have heard it's the followers section too causing problems, and my visits have plummeted also.. but I do lovey my followers... so hate to see them go!

  2. Hi Kim...i'm having the same problem,thought everyone had just deserted me :0(,
    San x

  3. I am having the same problems as you describe, thought it was our poor internet connection, Have book marked your page, thanks. x

  4. at last I am on your blog.


  5. Hi, I'm having the same trouble. Have moved my followers to the bottom but it still errors. I then tried Firefox and it seems to work better.

    Liz x

  6. My stats have been going weird as well but I just thought it was cos I stink or I was none too popular lol xxxx Hope you are ok sweet cheeks xxxx

  7. isn't the internet and all it brings both fabulous and frustrating all at the same time!
    hope you get it sorted
    love teen x

  8. Hi I know that feeling I also find that when I'm viewing a couple sites and if someone has music on there site it freezes me a little too. Plus with the followers problem it's a little annoying but I find those with it lower on there sites not so many problems
    May blogger fix it soon



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My gorgeous Stamford
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