A life without electric!!!

Oh GOD!!!

If you have been watching the telly, I am one of those poor families without electricity, since mid day yesterday, we are now on a rota systems for Electric at three hours on 6 hours off....

How on earth did people live without electric, oh it's madeness here, all the house and shop alarms going off all the times, all through the night, they sau vandals broke in the dartford substation, and damaged cable and legs to the bridge holding them, mmmmm!!! bog standard vandals breaking in a substation with substantial locks, me thinks somethingelse is going on here, 9/11, 7/7 springs to mind..... too much damage for stupid vandals to have caused!!
well we are going to be like this for another 24 hours at leats...

Anyhows I am on my three hours supply, have you ever tried to make cards in little light even daylight my eyes are sore, I have elzybells and craftsulove cards to do....

Can't cook as my gas oven has a safety cut off system to stop gas leaking in a powercut, so stove top food only, am gonna look like a baked bean soon, let alone what I might smell like with no hot water, but hey all nice and clean now...lol

Just saw my local chip shop and cafe on the tv,... lol

Right ya wanna see some cardies...... Another Elzybelss sneak day not long now till release day....

Thankyou also to all those who have commented it really is much appreciated, please do pop over to the rest of the DT's they have made such stunning cards....

All images are from the same set as yesterdays cards..... images coloured with Prisma pencils and OMS, both from Craftsulove...

Bye for now


  1. Oh my lordy.
    What is it with you it never rains it blooming pours!!
    Best get them cards done or there will be no Suzie Q sarnies for you!!! lol x
    Love your cards - am starting a petition to get you back on the team!!
    Suzie Qxx

  2. Aww so sorry to hear about your situation with the power hope they do get it sorted really quick for you.
    Love the cards :)
    Mel x

  3. And I thought I had a bad morning because I broke my glasses and had to get them fixed just so I could finish up my card and do my blog post, no power is way worse thanks for putting it all in prospective. Lovely cards by the way.

  4. Oh Jeez chick. This sounds like a heap of madness for sure. Being a northern lass, I knew nowt about it!! But it hasn't damaged your creative stuff cos this is fab. And if this is what you did under those circumstances babes, there's nowt down for the rest of us darlin xxx. Hope all is well and you get your power supply sorted pdq. We have the occasional power cut here and it is off for a couple of hours max, and I am tearing out my hair so I don't know how you are managing. Biggest hugs love xxxxx

  5. That sounds dreadful hope it's back to normal soon. Just had a scroll down and your latest cards are fab, put me in the notion for a day at the beach!

    Liz x

  6. Lordy, lordy Kim what a too do!
    I too have loads of electric and water cuts and how I hate them! So sorry that you are suffering at the moment I really hope they sort it out soon.
    Love your fabulous cards!
    Fantastic colouring and brilliant designs!

  7. Lovely cards kimmie! Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time at the mo - bloomin 'vandals'........grrrrr.... x

  8. Oh god! how on earth do you cope? i panic when it goes off for 5 minutes! would go mental without electric... shows how much we take certain things for granted too eh?
    Hope it gets sorted soon! but at least you can still craft! Phew!
    love the card

  9. oooh now these are fabby and amazing that you have done what you have under the circumstances.Hope you get ya leccy back tommorow ...chin up lass:)

    BTW i agree with suzieQ...lets get a petition going...lol


  10. I'll sign Suzie Q's petition! bring back "THE FEE" bring back "THE FEE"! xxx

  11. Great cards Kim, loving that kraft card and goes so well with the red x

  12. oh PS) I hope the power gets sorted out for you soon x

  13. My goodness, you certainly do get your share of the rubbish stuff! I can't imagine how awful it must be all this time with only 3 hours of electric at a time. I really hope it's all sorted soon and you get back to some sort of normality! Love your card, the new Elzybells look gorgeous and I love how you've used the Kraft card, perfect choice and really shows off the stamps. Take care Sweetie and I hope all is sorted soon. Chris xx

  14. ..and I got the hump 'cos my power went off twice for an hour or so. Always welcome here Kim if it goes on much longer. Cards are brill, I just love the flip flops ... ooooo Elzy gonna miss ya. xxx

  15. I love these Kim!

    Hope you get the electric sorted soon - doesnt sound like fun at all :(

  16. Hey Kim. Your cards are wonderful. I just love the red, white and kraft. The striped beach chair is calling me name.

  17. What a gorgeous card Kin.

    Hugs Riet.x



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My gorgeous Stamford
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