Final Batch of Trimmer Blades and New Trimmer news!

Final Batch of Trimmer Blades

Good news! The final shipment of Stampin’ Trimmer Cutting Blades (item 126995) has arrived early. We expected to receive this shipment in September. Because the blades arrived early, we are going to make these final blades available during the last week of August. 
The final batch will be available on Wednesday, 28 August at 6:00 p.m. (UK time), and when they sell out they will be gone for good. 
In the past, blades have sold out within minutes and individuals placing single orders have had more success than demonstrators placing orders for multiple customers. So I recommend you place your orders direct through my online store.
The limit is three sets of 2 blades per customer. They are £5.50 per set.

New Trimmer
The new trimmer is almost ready, it will be released to demonstrators before the end of 2019, it will retail at £23. There is no release date for customers yet. 
I wanted to let you know so that you don’t have to stock up on so many blades.

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My gorgeous Stamford

My gorgeous Stamford
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